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Latest Flights News

Here are the latest Flights News, any information related to Covid, flight cancellation or rescheduling of the flight, which countries flights are flying to and not.


Q1: Are Flights Open?

A1: Many country’s borders are still closed for tourists from other countries. However, countries allowing tourists to require negative PCR results. It would be great if you can visit the government website of particular countries to know more about the travel restrictions or the flights are open for that country. 

Q2: Are Flights Cancelled?

A2: Flights were canceled due to lockdown restrictions however, most of the countries have lifted up the restrictions and flights are not getting affected. To ensure that your flight is not canceled, visit the airline website you are traveling with to confirm your flight status regarding the same.

Q3: Are Flights going to Pakistan?

A3: Yes, flights are going to Pakistan. The aviation ministry of Pakistan has authorized all International flights to operate from June 20, 2020. Passengers flying into Pakistan from some dedicated countries have to quarantine for 14 days or carry 2 days old negative PCR results with them.

Q4: Are Flights still going to Spain?

A4: Yes, flights are going to Spain but you can only travel to Spain if you are a Spanish national. Passengers from other nationalities are not allowed to enter Spain until march, 30. Spain was one of the major countries that were affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. Spain is currently in a state of emergency until May, 9. 

Q5: Are Flights to India open?

A5: India is only allowing special flights from limited countries which are following air bubble protocol. All the regular International flights are suspended until March 2021. Passengers flying into India have to submit negative PCR test reports before boarding the flight.

Q6: Can Flights come into the UK?

A6: Yes, flights can come into the UK but there are major rules to follow before entering the United Kingdom. You must follow all the rules for entering the UK. These include providing your journey and contact details, and evidence of a negative COVID-19 test before you travel. When you arrive, you must quarantine and take additional COVID-19 tests.

Q7: How Flights are Flying?

A7: Flights are flying with extreme precautions taking into account the devastations coronavirus outbreak has caused. Airlines encourage passengers to maintain social distancing by maintaining the gap of certain seats. Passengers are required to wear masks and face coverings at all times onboard. 

Q8: Which Flights are Operating?

A8: All of the airlines have become fully operational however, flights are restricted to fly domestically. The international market is still closed with some exceptions for passengers stuck abroad away from their home countries. Countries are operating their flagship airline to evacuate passengers stuck abroad. Currently, countries are working on air bubble protocols to start a limited number of flights for some parts of the world.

Q9: Why Flights so Expensive?

A9: There are multiple factors that contribute to airplane tickets being so expensive. One of the main factors is low competition in the airline industry. For example, considering Canada is one of the largest countries in the world has only 3 operational airlines. Airlines that have tried to provide cheap flight tickets have gone bankrupt due to an increase in the price of airline fuel. Such increases in operating costs are not bearable by the airlines so they pass some of that onto the customers.

Q10: Flights like Allegiant?

A10: Allegiant is an ultra-cost airline that is one of its own in the United States however there are multiple competitors for Allegiant such as Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Frontier Airlines. All of these airlines are known for the cheap fare they offer across the nation.

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