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Coronavirus And The Travel Industry – Impact and Recovery

Coronavirus has changed our lives in ways we probably never imagined. Within a short time, what we thought was normal had become forbidden since it threatened our lives by exposing us to the deadly virus. However, some industries were hit harder than others and the travel industry, especially the airlines. This article highlights how it has been impacted and how the recovery journey has been so far. Check it out!

The Impact of Coronavirus on the Travel Industry

Due to COVID-19, some parts of the world became a no-go zone. No one wanted to travel to such places to avoid contracting the virus, which greatly affected the travel industry. As the virus spread to other parts of the world, the number of travelers continued decreasing. Then, a time came when every country started managing its borders, restricting any movement in and out of its borders.

As a matter of fact, the movement restrictions became so unpredictable to the extent that people feared being locked in a country they were not planning to stay in for long. Canceled and delayed flights became the order of the day. There were harsh conditions for the countries that allowed movements, including mandatory quarantine upon arrival that came at a cost. All these issues made the chances of travel slimmer and slimmer each passing day.

There was also social distancing, including inside the planes hence a seating capacity lower than the usual. In an attempt to make the flights economical, the flights became expensive, which made a matter that was already bad worse. Consequently, only people who really needed to travel did so, and they could only go to areas without restrictions. Under such circumstances, the travel industry could barely survive.

The Recovery of the Travel Industry

That said and done, the world is not where it was when the pandemic strike. Medics have come up with ways to treat infected people. At the same time, other ways have helped the situation, including wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, and vaccination. Consequently, lives have become a little bit better, including the travel distance. For instance, some of the regions have opened up the economy. Tha has seen global seat capacity has been increasing gradually.

The flights to Japan have increased due to the Olympic games. That’s something that couldn’t have happened if the coronavirus hadn’t been contained, even if we still have a long way to go.

Europe has also contributed towards the increase in flights due to opening up its economy. It has been increasing weak by weak in Spain, France, Germany, and the UK. Other destinations with a notable increase are India and South Africa.

As for China, the increase isn’t stable, but that has more to do with the market demand than the pandemic.


Going by the figures as we speak, the recovery of the travel industry has already begun. The journey is quite long, but it always starts with a single step. All one can hope for is that there will only be steps forward and not backward.

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