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5 Ways to Save Money on Spring Break while Travelling to Florida

Miami, America’s most popular vacation destination for Spring Break. The nightlife of south beach to the hustling of Calle Ocho, Miami offers numerous ways of leisure from your day-to-day life, and in this article, you will find some amazing 5 Ways to Save Money on Spring Break.

Spring break, dream season for American college students to relax, party, and enjoy the week-long March vacation however not everyone is able to afford the dream vacation of spring break.

Studies show that an average student spends $1,100 a week which is roughly a total of $1 Billion in Florida and Texas alone.

If you are on a budget then it can be a big hurdle for you to enjoy to the fullest however In this post, we have gathered the most amazing 5 Ways to Save Money on Spring Break.

Follow these 5 Ways to Save Money on Spring Break:

1 – Early Booking, Easy benefits

You must have heard this saying, the early you book the flight, the lower fares you will get. Well, it’s the most accurate sayings you will ever hear in your life. Once the flight opens, the initial fare is set by the airline which will vary depending on the demand.

Considering it a spring season, flights heading to Florida have rates at their peak. If you miss out on the early bird ticket, the rates in a couple of days will reach the cliff that will easily cost you 80% to 90% more money than the early bird price, and use these ways to Save Money on Spring Break.

To book the cheapest flights, visit our web booking portal today.

2 – Find Hotels with sharing

On average, 3-star hotels in Panama City Beach cost $127 per night which is highly expensive for an average student to afford.

If you look around Panama City Beach or any other popular Spring Break hub, you will be able to find stays that offer rooms on sharing basis with all the amenities you receive in a 3-star hotel.

The rates of such places go low because the cost you will be paying alone now divides between 2 or 3 persons.

The hostel is another amazing option for a stay. The hostel offers you a dorm room which will be shared with at least 5 to 10 peoples however there will not be amenities as same as a 3-star hotel.

If you are looking for much cheaper accommodation then we suggest you get a sleeping bag from your home and utilize public toilets and showers to freshen up.

3 – Look out for Cheap Booze

The major expense for every individual is buying liquor at spring break. To reduce this cost it’s better to bring your own booze from the nearest store.

You will be able to reduce the price up to 70% compared to buying booze at the concert, party arena, or the beach.

Another option for the same is to join online groups for offers and deals near you.   

4 – Eat according to your pocket

One of the heavy damage people do on their pockets by eating expensive food at luxury restaurants, well guess what, you can eat 3 meals in a day at the street on the same amount you will spend in a decent dine-in restaurant for 1 meal.

Another good option for cheap eats on a budget trip for spring break is to look out for supermarkets nearby, you can buy stuff life loaves of bread and make yourself a healthy sandwich.

5 – Treat Cops Respectfully

About 70% of people every year have a dispute with Cops here or there and 40% of them get arrested. 

Each year police collect $1 Million in fines just in Florida and Texas around Spring Break season.

If you are already on a budget then paying such hefty fines can become another burden of your pocket which can be ignored just by behaving yourself in front of cops and this way you can Save Money on Spring Break. 

There is no fine on drinking anywhere however you should not be responsible for destroying or damaging any government property or indulge in activities such as misbehaving with other groups of people or owners of restaurants.

These are the best 5 Ways to Save Money on Spring Break. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and it will help you in saving a lot of bucks at your spring break. For more awesome content visit


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